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Maripier Levesque

Network Administrator

After working for 5 years in the customer service field, Maripier went back to school to work in a field of study that she is so passionate about it doesn't seem like work to her. She is currently developing her knowledge in computing support at Centre de formation professionnelle Bel-Avenir of Trois-Rivières. During her internship at Nmédia, she wants to improve her skills and acquire new ones.

Hometown: Chicoutimi, Quebec

Favourite quote: "Life is a mystery that must be lived, not a problem to be solved."

Why Nmédia?: To improve my skills and learn more, while having a pleasant and humane environment. And to take up new professional challenges.

Tastes & interests: Aside from my studies, I love music, TV shows and spending time with my family, friends and pets.

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