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Martin-Karl Mercier

Web Editor

With his varied academic and professional background, who would have guessed that he would become a Web editor at Nmédia? Spending a very short time from a radio host to a body shop worker, he finally traded his tools for university, then for keyboards by making a standing jump in writing magazines about cabinetmaking, renovation, decoration and house plans. After a while, he migrated to the web with all these magazines and then focused on web editing, transactional website management and social media management. A real jack-of-all, he loves to learn about everything.

Hometown: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Favourite quote: "The important thing is not to remember bad or good shots. The most important thing is to remember the moments when we felt alive!" - Carl "the cat" Charest, Radio Enfer

Why Nmédia?: Writing fascinates me and that's a piece of luck because that's exactly what I'm doing here. Writing has always been part of my life, so Nmédia was just a perfect match!

Tastes & interests: I love travelling and discovering new countries. Music is an integral part of my life; impossible to spend a day without music. I also spend several hours of my life on a board: surfboard, snowboard or paddle board.

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