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Mathieu Vanasse

Project Manager and Scrum Master

Curious and ambitious, there is no such thing as a challenge too big for Mathieu! With his great communication skills, he can rally a team behind a common cause and motivate troops towards meeting an objective. Need a hand? He will put everything aside to provide support to a coworker and will keep a cool head even in the midst of a storm. From IBM employee to Nmédian, all his actions are based upon the fundamental values of respect, devotion and innovation.

Hometown: Drummondville, Québec

Favourite quotes: "What could possibly go wrong?" - Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear hosts

Why Nmédia?: The unlimited potential of creative strength in an energetic and electrifying atmosphere.

Tastes & interests: Great food, human contact and outdoor activities. Innovations that make the world progress.

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