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Patrick Lavoie

Programmer Analyst

Patrick is a technology and information buff who quickly earned his place at the heart of the programming team. Over time, he has become a Windows application development specialist. His love of technology makes him a great enthusiast of the Internet of Things, and his autonomy and sense of initiative make him a precious member of the programming team.

Hometown: Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Favourite quote: "All roads lead to Rome."

Why Nmédia?: For the chance to work with a young and dynamic team, but most importantly a competent one, in order to reach my full potential. Also, the prevailing atmosphere is very different from other large companies I have worked for in the past. It’s less formal. Teamwork is Nmédia’s greatest strength; employees are truly a gang of buddies and various activities allow us to forge closer bonds. It’s obvious that the human-element is a priority for the company, unlike other large companies where you feel like a simple number. It is a refreshing experience for me and I hope to blossom among this great team and help contribute to the tremendous success of Nmédia.

Tastes & interests: Everything that touches computers & electronics, the arts, music, outdoor activities, movies and board games.

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