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Samuel Joyal

Samuel Joyal

Team Coordinator

With his knowledge in web development, programming background and leadership skills, Samuel was the perfect person to fill the first Team Coordinator position here at Nmédia! Organized and highly receptive, he ensures that his team members keep growing as people and he coordinates his team resources. Samuel also supervises the NOVA team, a team dedicated to the management and the development of the different CMS we use here.

And as for his time off, he divides it in 3 parts:

  1. In an effort to continuously improve himself, he's doing research on good practices regarding management and human resources (huge fan of the Kanban method, he seeks to improve his processes in order to optimize the daily work accomplished by his team).
  2. Video game enthusiast, he likes to set up meetings with his friends and coworkers to play a little game or two (or three, or four, or five 😉) in the evening.
  3. Being a "Cat man" (as he describes himself), he's also constantly renovating his house, particularly to make it friendlier and more optimal for the furry creatures that he welcomes under his roof. 😺

Hometown: Yamaska (Québec)

Favourite quote: "He who excels at solving difficulties solves them before they arise." – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Why Nmédia?: For the team and work environment.

Tastes & interests: Video games, guitar, motorcycling, travelling and his cats. Mostly his cats.

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