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Stéphane Lépine

Director of Systems, Networks & ALM

Stéphane doesn't sleep. He's always working. He plays tricks. In fact, he's a workaholic and a great comic who solves all problems. Since he arrived at Nmédia in 2006, the then programmer, now director, has been participating in the improvement of our CMS Altitude 3 and contributed a lot to the company by improving our practices and supervising our developments. Yes, his efficient server and infrastructure management is valued, but his positive attitude, silliness and generosity are even more so.

Hometown: "Top of the crest" otherwise known as Shawinigan in a Native American language

Favourite quote: "If, after a while, you think you got it all, you got nothing at all." - Eul Savais

Why Nmédia?: Why NOT Nmédia?? What a question! Honestly, seeing passionate people push their limits and those of our clients with such great enthusiasm, all in an energetic, cooperative environment, what more to ask for?

Tastes & interests: Evenings with friends where I'm constantly looking to spice things up ;) I must also admit that I'm suffering from automobilum passiona: I like cars and their diversity. There are just as many automotive mechanics as IT technologies, waiting to be tried, understood and used.

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