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Vincent Beaulieu

Software Architect

Armed with numerous years of experience, Vincent has learned to develop the skills and abilities necessary for understanding and designing all kinds of Web projects. Having worked for more than 7 years on developing Altitude3.Net, he has shown his capacity for working on wide-range solutions for projects in constant evolution. He is known for his mastery of the JavaScript language, his candor and his efficient problem-solving skills.

Hometown: Asbestos, Quebec

Favourite quote: "L'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lavent tôt... parce qu'il reste de l'eau chaude." – Dans une galaxie près de chez vous

Why Nmédia?: Great team, terrific projects, amazing technology and a lot of skills.

Tastes & interests: Music, paintball, video games, poker and hockey. Basically everything done in good company.

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