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Yves Légaré

Programmer Analyst

Yves Légaré is a senior programmer always available to guide and help his teammates in the projects they are working on. Holding degrees in information technology and ICT management from the University of Sherbrooke and the CEGEP of Drummondville, Yves understands all aspects of management while possessing highly developed technical abilities as well.

His experience with large-scale projects has taught him how to perfectly understand the lifecycle of any particular software. He has overseen projects every step of the way, from initial design to completion, all while ensuring maintenance and the resulting improvement periods.

Hometown: Drummondville, Quebec

Favourite quote: "Expect great things of yourself and little from others and you will avoid incurring resentments." – Confucius

Why Nmédia?: For the work environment, the team, the challenges the benefits, the company philosophy, the training…in short, everything. It’s amazing!

Tastes & interests: Family, sharing a meal in good company and TV series.

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