The Académie de massage scientifique (AMS) is the largest community of certified massage therapists in Quebec. Founded in 1976, it has 8 campuses across Quebec and offers professional and continuing education programs. The AMS also provides a school clinic to give its student community more hands‑on experience before graduation.

A marketing strategy based on acquisition

Nmédia has supported the AMS in its customer acquisition strategy for almost 5 years. The Académie’s primary goal was to increase registrations for the various programs on offer, whether training courses or webinars. After analysis and meetings, our team implemented a digital marketing strategy based on several initiatives to increase acquisition.

Our design and editorial teams first implemented a new brand guide, revising the editorial tone and SEO strategy and modernizing the AMS image to add pep to the communications elements. After an audit of the platforms and published content, our teams implemented a social media strategy that included recommendations and avenues for optimizing content to generate more audience and conversion. From a design point of view, this meant creating templates to better harmonize communications and news feeds across the various AMS social networks.

In addition to campaigns on Meta, new advertising formats were also introduced to explore new avenues undeveloped by the Académie, such as Performance Max campaigns on Google or ads on Spotify to attract new customers for the school clinic.

While the AMS was no stranger to emailing, it was still done manually. Nearly 6 automated email automation flows were created to add value to the AMS’s work and enable webinar registration. This marketing automation strategy has produced excellent results, with open email rates of 50%, 25% for follow‑ups, and a close to 20% click‑through rate. This was a significant gain for the AMS, enabling it to get closer to its target audience, particularly for school clinics.

Other strategies were also implemented to support content, always with the same objectives in mind:

  • Setting up a quiz for a lead generation strategy, with over 1,300 emails collected.
  • Implementing various awareness campaigns to limit user disinterest in ads that are too present (AD fatigue), while maintaining a strong presence on advertising networks.
  • Working on audience refinement to target qualified prospects.

The AMS exceeded expectations with the highest number of registrations in 5 years. This marketing strategy and these various campaigns have enabled the AMS to double the number of subscribers and set new targets for future years.

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