Who doesn't know Serge the leek? This virtual mascot represents the company Crazy Leeks, from Cultures de chez nous, the largest leek producer in Quebec. Our digital marketing team (UX design, web marketing, writing, UI design and website development expertise working in synergy) is behind this brand image so appreciated by Quebecers.

In addition to the creation and use of Serge (a thirty-year-old leek, epicurean and traveller), several initiatives were carried out to reinforce the notoriety of Crazy Leeks and increase leek sales:

  • Creation of a website promoting the benefits of leeks and other foods from the producer, like asparagus and small fruits;
  • Optimization of the user journey;
  • Development of a loyalty strategy based on the creation of original content, including a newsletter strategy (email marketing), monthly blog posts, a social media strategy, and Facebook community management;
  • Implementation of digital advertising;
  • Creation of a strong brand image based on creative visual content and the design of a virtual spokesperson (Serge the Leek);
  • Formation of a brand notoriety strategy, including contests, advertising campaigns, association with renowned chefs (Ricardo, Bob le Chef and Nicolas Moreau), and product placement on specialized channels and programs (Zeste, Ricardo, etc.).

Social media that stand out

The team has put much effort into social media to make Crazy Leeks' pages a weekly must-see for the foodies among us. On the pages, we focus our efforts on encouraging a diversified diet and promote cooking at home humorously.

We also make sure that the Cultures de chez nous quality guarantee is known(the white of the leek is longer than elsewhere, the size of the leeks, and their delicious flavour) . In addition, all the latest trends in social media are followed very closely and then applied, such as adding motion effects to visuals or publishing stories with a clickable link.

Based on a unique collaboration between Cultures de chez nous and Nmédia, the incredible popularity of Crazy Leeks is proof that your expertise combined with ours can lead to a solid customer loyalty strategy.

Impressive engagement rate results

Here's the 2022 data compared to the 2021 data. Almost every indicator of performance shows a remarkable increase, including increases in the following:

+ 9%
Website engagement rate
+ 36%
Engagement rate on social networks
+ 7%
Number of visitors on the website

Objectives accomplished: enhanced brand notoriety and image

Les Cultures de chez nous had the commercial need to continue to develop its notoriety and to increase the sales of its main product, the leek, a vegetable little known by Quebecers. They also wanted to develop new markets (including the English market). In addition, they wanted to make their website and social network references for food lovers.

Our team has therefore produced a complete digital acquisition strategy to achieve these objectives. For more than ten years of working with them, we have regularly proposed new initiatives based on the results obtained from marketing and social media analyses.

These results allow our team to understand clearly what consumers like most or least. This allows producing quality content and helping maintain an engaged community. Our Nmédian team and Cultures de chez nous can say "mission accomplished!" with more than 600,000 people visiting the website annually and 26,144 followers on the Facebook page.

Day after day, month after month, the Crazy Leeks brand continues its incredible expansion.

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