In October 2023, Nmédia organized the first hackathon in its history. This collaborative programming marathon aimed to rapidly develop proofs of concept with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) to support one of Nmédia’s customers and partners. Nmédia’s three multidisciplinary teams were exposed to the problems encountered by the customer every day. After a period of reflection, possible and easily achievable solutions emerged.

In a short period, only two days, the three teams could use the various products offered by Microsoft’s Power Platform solution to complete their projects. Thanks to the diversity of the teams and these low‑code tools, personalized proofs of concept were quickly put together, with the main contribution being the use of artificial intelligence.

Produce content with artificial intelligence thanks to Microsoft’s Azure Open AI

One of the main problems identified was a lack of personnel to carry out repetitive tasks that could be easily automated. For Nmédia’s customer, this process automation could save valuable time and resources while significantly increasing the number of operations.

One of the avenues developed during the hackathon was the generation of product data sheets assisted by artificial intelligence. Using the solution offered by Microsoft’s Azure Open AI, a hackathon team rapidly set up a proof‑of‑concept to provide substantial assistance in creating product sheets and offering users a personalized experience.

Implemented directly in the customer’s platform, the AI then proposes to the manager to create a description of a product sheet directly based on the title of the product submitted as a prompt.

This artificial intelligence assistance solution makes it possible to:

  • Standardize descriptions to ensure consistency across all products;
  • Have an extensive personalization, with a choice of editorial tones ranging from familiar to playful to professional, to stand out or respect the tone already used on the site;
  • Get a translation of the product sheet into several languages using Microsoft’s Azure AI Translator tool, with integrated spell‑checking to ensure flawless translations;
  • Have the ability for AI to intervene to detect and categorize inappropriate content by verifying a product’s title, image or description;
  • Automatically categorize the product based on the description proposed by the AI;
  • Go even further, AI can also generate purchase recommendations based on customer behaviour. Thanks to the information integrated into a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, the customer can generate marketing automation to maintain a definite link with its users.

Realized in record time, thanks to the simplicity of the Power Platform, the proofs of concept and their demonstrations impressed the jury with their effectiveness and originality in the face of real‑life problems. In a more realistic context, these solutions, aided by artificial intelligence, could be developed rapidly and used with complete peace of mind by the customer in its everyday life.

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