Vaillancourt had several reports to share with its employees for strategic purposes. Because these reports were being produced and shared manually once a week, the company decided to automate this process to save time and create a report that updates every 24 hours. The problem was that the data was going into Power BI, but it wasn't being sorted most efficiently. In addition, Vaillancourt did not have the time or the staff to optimize their Power BI environment to meet the desired timeframe.

The company was already using Power BI, but the creation of reports had not been automated yet. Vaillancourt, therefore, called upon Nmédia to help it achieve its Power BI objectives within the allotted time.

This is how Nmédia undertook to:

  • Centralize its business data in one place;
  • Make the creation of analysis reports automatic.

Creation of an ERP-independent data warehouse

Power BI makes it possible to retrieve data from several different sources, including ERP software, and to group them at will. For added security, we suggested to Vaillancourt that they create a warehouse that could store all their data for the long term.

We started by creating this customized data warehouse into which we migrated the data from the past. We also programmed the warehouse to allow for automatic migration and backup of information from new systems.

This brand-new warehouse housed, among others, the following information:

  • Representatives and their respective clients;
  • Current projects;
  • Submitted bids;
  • The company's business intelligence.

With this data now centralized, anyone in the organization with web access can get what they need to work.

Results: time savings and better user experience

Reports are now generated and shared automatically once a day. There is no need to send them by email: all employees can access personalized reports according to their field. Everyone saves time, the automation of the process reduces the risk of error and data visualization is made more accessible.

Additionally, reports are better displayed and only include the information each user needs, greatly enhancing the user experience. 

Want to try Power BI for your business? With our expertise focused on database management and Power BI report configuration, you can be sure that we can help you create, design and strategize your dynamic stand-alone reports. Power BI can help you calculate your return on investment and make projections that will be very useful when making strategic decisions.

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