HerbageChic Co* is Quebec’s recognized leader in green space maintenance and lawn fertilization. Thanks to its network of technicians across the province, its expertise makes it a faithful ally in ensuring the health and durability of lawns, thanks in particular to services such as lawn fertilization and management of undesirable plants and surface insects.

HerbageChic Co approached Nmédia to learn more about integrating Dynamics into its business processes as part of its digital transformation. In addition to this business solution, Nmédia also presented the Power Platform to the company’s executives, giving an overview of the possibilities of combining these two tools.

The presentation aimed to propose a low‑code solution as a mobile application to help technicians on the road and in the field when treating lawns. To achieve this, our team opted to use several tools from the Power Platform suite.

A personalized, automated mobile application

With Power Apps, our developers and specialists quickly created, adapted, and customized a Canvas application for the customer. This mobile application is intended to be an accurate support tool for technicians in the field, enabling the automation of specific processes and simplifying interactions between the customer and the company.

Here are some of the features included in the mobile application:

  • The possibility for the technician to consult the daily schedule, including appointments for the day;
  • View customer files with history, location and services to be carried out according to the chosen plan or package;
  • The ability to leave notes, either internally or to the customer, with the option of taking photos directly from the technician’s mobile device;
  • To simplify documentation and knowledge transfer for each lawn care task to help new technicians;
  • To store the information in the Microsoft Dataverse, making data secure, accessible and available to other tools such as a CRM platform and Power BI.

Alongside this mobile application, our teams have also developed another Model‑Driven App. Intended more for administrative use, it brings together the main customer information, service planning, and all the data collected by technicians during their field interventions in a single platform.

Using Power Automate, our team also enhanced the customer experience by automating communications. Three automatic workflows were set up to notify customers of lawn maintenance operations. The customer will receive a notification 24 hours before the appointment or if the appointment is cancelled. Once the appointment is over, the customer will receive a summary of the technician’s intervention and the treatments carried out on his lawn, advices, possible photos and a feedback tool for noting the technician’s intervention. Depending on whether the customer is tech‑savvy, they can also choose to receive these reminders by e‑mail or text.

Faced with this demonstration, the company and its executives saw the opportunities offered by the Power Platform to automate its work processes, mainly through the mobile application. By providing this kind of digital tool to its technicians, the company could increase productivity and ensure the transmission of knowledge and essential information while enabling the automation of customer communications.

*The customer’s name has been changed to a fictitious brand for confidentiality reasons.

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