The National Bank Challengers, tennis tournaments organized by Tennis Canada, allow promising young tennis players to enter the professional ranks. These tournaments will enable them to acquire points to improve their world ranking with the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP), the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

To promote the Drummondville tournament and inform aspiring tennis players about the techniques of the game, Nmédia developed a strategy for video clips on social networks. The team designed the introductory and concluding animations of the capsules and created a logo based on Challenger's brand image.

Nmédia's mandate was to promote the Drummondville National Bank Challenger. The company developed a strategy that, in addition to promoting the event, informs the public with the advice of a tennis coach on playing techniques.

With the capsules in hand, the team had to :

  • Come up with a name;
  • Create and animate a visual (colour, design, logo) and broadcast the videos on social networks;
  • The animated introduction had to respect the visual identity and colours of the event and be impeccable for the editor, and easily editable for the different techniques discussed.

Technologies and tools used

  • Photoshop
  • After Effects

We first designed a storyboard to plan each sequence of the video. This plan was used as a guide to create mock-ups in Photoshop, which were then imported into After Effects. This software integrates Photoshop PSD files into a composition while keeping the layers and their layout. Thanks to keyframes, it also allows editing them (position, rotation, scale, opacity, etc.) on a timeline. This way of combining graphics and movement is called Motion Design.

Motion design software, complementary to video editing software, allows you to animate text and graphic elements such as photos, logos and illustrations with precision and flexibility (as opposed to software that is more specialized in managing and cutting out scenes, sound and music). They also offer many features and allow the final rendering of the animation to be adapted to video standards (format, resolution and number of frames per second, for example).

Goals accomplished: a new name and new videos and vignettes

We chose the name of the vignettes, a critical factor in the design of the videos' logo. The word "Advantage" was chosen for its evocative meaning for tennis fans: it refers to the point won in a game where the scores are tied.

Then, after exploring the National Bank Challenger website to ensure compliance with the graphic elements, colours and brand image, we designed and animated the introduction and conclusion of the videos. We optimized the videos on social media (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) and managed their distribution. Some more technical videos were customized and sent to tennis elites to increase the event's awareness.

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