Cisolift is a new and certified pre-owned aerial lift equipment dealer with a wide range of products available exclusively in Quebec and Ontario. The company also offers its line of Cisolift brand equipment. A repair service is also available at its workshop and directly on the worksites. It also has a wide range of parts and offers training on all lifting equipment; it sells aerial work platforms and telescopic handlers. Cisolift also sells several model trailers to transport its customers' lifting equipment. As IT experts, we were very proud to help this lifting equipment expert reach the top!

An original, high-end design adapted to the brand image of a lifting equipment expert

For the redesign, Cisolift wanted a stylish website that would stand out from the competition. That is precisely what our graphic designers were able to create:

  • The visual atmosphere;
  • The use of colours;
  • The layout of the elements;
  • Behaviours and interactions throughout the site;
  • The dynamic display when scrolling through the pages and clicking on the buttons and calls to action.

Our graphic designers also strategically used the diagonal lines of the logo on certain distinctive visual elements to reinforce the brand image. They also highlighted the entire inventory of devices by opting for photos:

  • Without backgrounds in specific locations;
  • Devices in action and real-life environments in the product sheets;
  • Large size on the home page and services page.

Complete SEO copywriting to improve search engine rankings

Cisolift wanted a visually stunning website to match its image as a high-end leader in the lifting equipment industry and a website where the content would reinforce its positioning in the market and on search engines.

By entrusting the writing of all the website's content to our team, Cisolift obtained hundreds of pages highlighting its expertise, services, and complete detailed inventory (including the advantages and characteristics of its various devices and brands offered). All this, in French and English, to reach all markets nationwide.

In addition, our web editors have written several blog articles related to the lifting equipment industry to reinforce Cisolift's status as a leader and expert. These articles have even been highly regarded by many lifting equipment manufacturers for which Cisolift is a distributor.

Programming a large-scale showcase website

Finally, our developers and programmers were able to put in place all the UX, marketing, design and editorial elements to configure an imposing website where the user can consult the complete inventory of equipment and learn more about the expertise and services of Cisolift.

Impressive statistics quickly

Six months after the new website went live, virtually all performance indicators showed a remarkable increase. Among others, increases in the:

+ 101%
Number of new users to the website
+ 110%
Number of page views
+ 253%
Number of contact forms sent

Goal accomplished: a successful site and a continuing partnership

The redesign of the website is completed, and it is performing well. In addition, the collaboration between Cisolift and us continues with several other projects:

  • Strategic marketing support;
  • Advertising campaigns (digital, TV, billboards and others);
  • Social media management daily;
  • Website optimization.

There is no shortage of projects; the short, medium, and long-term future is more than motivating. See how we collaborate in the annual support of this major player in the lifting equipment industry.

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