For nearly 40 years, the Société de développement économique de Drummondville (SDED) has been supporting businesses and promoting economic development and entrepreneurial dynamism in the Drummond RCM. The SDED has given itself a new strategy and brand image to mark this anniversary by becoming Drummond économique. The company needed a website redesign to match the occasion and support this important milestone in its history. Nmédia’s teams were given the mandate to carry out not one but two website redesigns: the first one for Drummond économique and the other one for its related site, Choisir le cœur du Québec (website in French).

Website redesign to reflect new ambitions

The two new websites were developed using the Umbraco content management system (CMS). For this mandate, our teams applied a new working method to increase speed and efficiency. Instead of creating complete pages, the design team created independent content blocks that developers could easily integrate (Atomic Design).

Following an analysis of the former SDED site, work began in late summer 2023 on redesigning Drummond économique’s website. The tree structure and reorganization of content were initiated to facilitate navigation and highlight the structure’s information.

The redesign and creation of content were also thought to reflect Drummond économique’s new strategy. They identified personas of entrepreneurs and international students or workers from abroad. The site has been redesigned to reflect these expertises in the various sections (Business, Establish, Recruit, Work, Study).

The challenge for this redesign was to reinvent itself sufficiently while ensuring communication with citizens and promoting the region’s economic development to encourage the recruitment of workers and students. To this end, initiatives were implemented, such as twinning with the Drummondville Airport site.

With its more fluid navigation and modern visuals, the site reflects Drummond économique’s new vision. The main challenge for the UX design team was to create the design of the new site based on this new brand image. These references are reflected on the site in the colours of the new logo, which underline the expertise and the different sections of the site, as well as in the visual reminders of the rounded shapes of the different blocks. Developed in parallel, the Choisir le cœur du Québec website was based on the same structure while retaining its differentiation with specific content and a different design.

The gamble paid off, and the result lived up to the expectations of the Drummond économique teams. The all‑new website was unveiled in conjunction with the launch of the new brand image at a press conference held in February 2024. This success continued with the launch of Choisir le cœur du Québec in the following months.

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