Europ Auto offers two services: car rental and car buy-back. The rental service is provided in several countries worldwide (spread across, among others, the European and the American continents), while the buy-back option is only available in Europe. The latter is meant for non-European people who want a car of their own while traveling across the old continent (minimum number of days required).

What Nmédia was asked to achieve

The following aspects of the Europ Auto website had to be improved:

  • Technology (the original website worked with the CSM Altitude 2 and wasn't customized for mobile devices);
  • Design (the colours and the visual structure were no longer reflecting the company's values and mission);
  • Content (on the original website, the content was presented in such a way that the information was sometimes hard to find).

Nmédia was thus mandated to redesign the whole website to increase the company's visibility and performance.

What we've done

Restructuring and improving the content

As for the content, a massive work of reorganization and optimization was done by our editing team. The objective: make the information as much accessible as possible.

For example, all the content concerning the service centres and the rental service was restructured. Before, users had to download a PDF file to get the information they wanted about each centre (location, opening hours, etc.). Now, all the information can be found at the same place on the website. An interactive map was also added to give users an overview of all centres available and where they are located.

Search engine optimization

There are two search engines: one for car rental and one for the buy-back option. These engines were used on the original website, but their possibilities were limited.

We optimized both search engines to link them with the car management system. As a result, every modification on the website (billing, booking, prices, etc.) is automatically updated so that the information given to users is always correct.

Migration to a more efficient technology

The migration of the website to the Altitude 3 CMS makes it fully responsive (it can be viewed both on a computer and a mobile device) and tailored to consumers' needs.

One of our biggest challenges was the 301 Redirect, since the Europ Auto website had about 800 URLs to redirect manually. We thus had to collect the old URLs to optimize them... which we successfully achieved!

New section: Info and support

On the original website, the information was scattered and hard to find. Consequently, the bounce rate was high (since the information was hardly accessible, users quickly quit the pages).

We thus add a new section to provide help and information to users. The objective was to guide them, in a better way, towards the car and options that better fit their needs.

Visual renewal

Before the website redesign, Europ Auto's primary colour was blue. Judging that this colour no longer matched their expectations and nor represented the company's mission and values, Europ Auto decided to go for a new look. Red became the primary colour as well as the company's new personality.

Objectives accomplished: a successful website redesign and a constantly evolving collaboration

Our collaboration with Europ Auto continues, and other modifications, including the product sheets and the comparative offer, are already on our agenda. Meanwhile, we can, however, congratulate ourselves for the work we've done. The proof that this partnership is a true success: the website's bounce rate, which was previously relatively high, dropped below 10%!

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