Over the past few years, the automobile sector has seen a strong demand for electric and hybrid vehicles. In this new market, automotive parts and services giant NAPA, through its Canadian subsidiary UAP, has launched the NexDrive initiative, a network of workshops and garages specializing in the maintenance and repair of this new generation of vehicles.

An informative content strategy

The redesign of the NexDrive website also coincides with the introduction of a new strategy. While the old website was aimed more at mechanics and workshop owners wishing to join the NexDrive program, this redesign also features content aimed at customers. Its objectives are to improve appointment booking and convince drivers of the network’s workshops’ expertise in vehicle maintenance and repair.

Owners of electric and hybrid vehicles are used to having their repairs and maintenance carried out directly by their vehicle manufacturer. To address this issue, new specific pages have been created for three of the most popular vehicle types on the market (Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt EUV, Hyundai Kona EV). These pages contain maintenance information and list the most frequently referenced failures these vehicles encounter.

In addition to fulfilling its informative mission, the content strategy was designed to have an educational scope and prove that it is possible to maintain one’s vehicle at a lower cost outside the dealer channels. Through vehicle data sheets and maintenance tips, the aim was to demonstrate to drivers the expertise of the network of certified workshops, demystify the repair needs of electric and hybrid vehicles, and reassure drivers about their vehicle warranty. Blog posts were also written to offer advice and demonstrate the knowledge of the NexDrive network of experts.

The NexDrive website’s priority remains onboarding garages, enabling workshops to learn how to service electric and hybrid vehicles by joining the network and benefiting from its resources.

The store locator also makes it easier for drivers to find a nearby workshop. This tool, accessible at all times while browsing the website, allows users to search by city or zip code on Google Maps via the Google API. The result is a listing for each shop, with details such as opening hours, services offered, a photo and contact details for booking an appointment. This tool also provides additional visibility with SEO referencing, enabling the various workshops to appear on search engines.

A modern, streamlined visual redesign

Our design and UX teams also undertook a visual overhaul of the website. While remaining faithful to the brand’s style guide, our teams were also able to create new codes that would become specific to the brand.

The challenge for our designers was to create a design that would reflect the persona of all drivers attracted by technology and familiar with the world of electric vehicles. By working on images, gradients, contrasts and iconography, our team was able to come up with a modern, uncluttered design that stuck. Animations were also added to the pages and buttons to add even more dynamism.

For its launch, the new website benefited from a choice showcase with NexDrive’s presence at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show as the official presenting partner. The results were seen very quickly, with a great deal of appreciation for the redesign and a simplified and efficient integration process for garages, who can appreciate the new strategy initiated by NAPA to win the hearts of drivers across the country.

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