Sir Steward specializes in designing and manufacturing automated solutions for the industrial, institutional, commercial, restaurant and tourism sectors. Their delivery robots, robotic arms, intelligent lockers and self-service kiosks allow companies to simplify their daily operations, increase efficiency, and support their employees' work. For a tech-savvy agency like ours, Sir Steward was a perfect match!

Since creating Sir Steward's brand image and first website, the company has designed and manufactured several automated solutions for many industries that can be used worldwide. To promote these new products to new target customers, our experts have proposed to:

  • Restructure the pages, navigation and tree structure;
  • Review the design and layout of elements;
  • Reorganize, write, update and improve contents;
  • Create a renewed technological showcase for the global market.

New navigation and content structures to maximize user experience

Our UX and marketing strategists redesigned the entire website structure and proposed a renewed page tree, more intuitive navigation and a new marketing approach. This made it possible to present all Sir Steward solutions according to business sectors while presenting the different products and their functionalities.

A new, highly visual, solution-focused website

With the new website, our graphic designers showcased Sir Steward's automated solutions in several areas of activity (see the photo carousel at the end of the article). They were also able to:

  • Present the possibilities in several types of companies;
  • Show the products in action in real environments;
  • Demonstrate product benefits, features and functionality;
  • Highlight Sir Steward's expertise.

Also, the videos of the solutions in real-life situations integrated on the site helped to highlight the products and to make the visual aspect more dynamic. An introductory video at the top of the home page was added so the user can see several automated solutions at work in physical environments as soon as they arrive on the website.

In addition, a two-section photo carousel has been used to showcase the different configurations available for products operating on the same autonomous robot base. With a single click, the user can choose a type of top part according to his needs. This is automatically placed on the mobile robot base to show the entire automated solution.

Web writing to describe solutions and present several examples

The website's content has been written to popularize and describe concretely all the automated solutions in different situations and several types of companies. This makes it easier for users to see the advantages of Sir Steward solutions in their company and how they can be integrated into their environment.

By entrusting us with the writing of the new website, Sir Steward ensured that the content was SEO optimized, better structured, more transparent and oriented towards the various targeted sectors of activity.

In addition, the FAQ section has been improved with many answers to frequent questions from users, thus reducing the number of calls to Sir Steward's customer service department with questions about the products.

Impressive engagement results

In the six months following the launch of the new website, its evolution and improved performance have been noticed. The work of our experts has allowed, among other things, a:

3,26 %
Increased number of sessions/users
100 %
Increase in the number of sessions per user
23,90 %
Increase in direct and organic traffic

Objectives accomplished: better-directed users and an increase in visitors to the website

From this data, we can conclude that the marketing strategy and SEO copywriting have significantly impacted the number of website visits by targeting the correct key phrases to meet users' search intentions. Also, users find what they are looking for faster and visit fewer pages to find the information they want.

Thanks to our UX, marketing, design, copywriting experts and front-end developers, Sir Steward's new website is now a valid technological showcase for its automated solutions in the global marketplace.

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