UAP is Canada's leading distributor of parts, replacement accessories and tools for cars and heavy vehicles. The company combines nationally renowned brands such as NAPA Auto Parts, NAPA/CMAX, NAPA AUTOPRO, Altrom/Auto-Camping, Traction, TruckPro, TW and Cadel. Recently, UAP has renewed its brand image and initiated a change in its business philosophy. To complete its update, UAP entrusted us with completely redesigning its website. With this new site, the company wanted to reflect its new brand image centered on people perfectly, highlight its expertise and dynamism, and present its scope on a Canadian scale.

Branding at the heart of the website redesign

From the start of the project, the new brand image established by UAP guided the work of our marketing, UX, design and copywriting experts. To design a new website that best serves UAP and its needs, our experts encouraged collaborative and iterative work with the client:

  • Workshops to clarify the brand image and graphic atmosphere;
  • User interface proposals to establish the ideal content structure;
  • User tests to validate the digital experience and brand perception;
  • Demonstration of animations and page transitions to reinforce the brand's dynamism.

Meetings and collaborative workshops between UAP and Nmédia

To start the website redesign project, our digital growth business strategists and our UX strategists had a few meetings with UAP to clarify the company's needs and objectives and learn more about its new brand image.

Several features and desires came out of these meetings. They also allowed us to gather all the necessary information to prepare collaborative workshops between our graphic designers, web writers and UAP's decision-makers.

Branding workshop

With the strategic information gathered from previous meetings, our web writers and graphic designers built a custom collaborative workshop for UAP to:

  • Reclassify and synthesize the characteristics and desires expressed by UAP;
  • Identify the key features to be promoted;
  • Define the tone that best suits the new brand image;
  • Determine the preferences for the graphic style, the type of interfaces and the secondary colours;
  • Clarify UAP's desire for dynamism.

During this workshop, UAP saw concrete examples at all levels to identify their preferences using the Likert scales.

 Graphic design workshop

Following the branding workshop, our designers conducted a graphic design workshop to determine the visual direction of the new website. In this workshop, they presented the following:

  • Different visual avenues;
  • Examples of layouts;
  • Colour palettes;
  • Graphic styles;
  • Fonts;
  • Ambient descriptions present the results of the previous workshop.

The UAP team was thus able to confirm its choices by seeing concretely what the new website could look like.

Interface proposal to establish the ideal structure

Our web editors and graphic designers then held another workshop with UAP to present two visual and textual proposals for the homepage of the upcoming website. UAP's decision-makers were thus able to have a concrete preliminary look at the main page and to give their comments and requests before our teams continued designing the other pages of the new website.

User testing to validate digital experience and understanding

Once the final interface proposals were completed and approved by UAP, our experts conducted user testing to validate the digital experience and confirm the level of understanding of UAP's industry, expertise and positioning. The results of the tests were then presented to UAP, and our experts provided their recommendations for page adjustments and optimization.

Demonstration of animations and page transitions to reinforce dynamism

To support UAP's new brand image and highlight the company's energy, our graphic designers and front-end developers created and presented animations and actual page transitions to the UAP team. The team could see the final result of several pages before the new site went online to validate the project's visual and dynamic orientations.

Realization of the visual models and SEO writing of all the pages

After the approvals of several visual and textual elements, our graphic designers could continue the visual design of all the pages. At the same time, our Web writers wrote all the content in French, always keeping the SEO aspect in mind.

In addition, our web writers translated all content into English to make the site bilingual and accessible to all of UAP's target audiences

Throughout the design weeks, our experts met with UAP's decision-makers to present the progress, collect their comments, and make necessary adjustments.

Objectives accomplished: a new dynamic website expressing the new brand image

UAP's new website allows the company to affirm its position as a leader in distributing parts, replacement accessories and tools for cars and heavy vehicles. It also allows the company to showcase its expertise and express its new brand image while putting its human side forward and highlighting its dynamism.

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