UNI Insurance is a component of UNI Financial Cooperation, a financial institution that supports families and businesses in New Brunswick and other Maritime provinces. The company offers a variety of property and personal protection for individuals and business owners.

UNI Insurance's project was to redesign its current website, considering the following aspects:

  • A digital strategy based on the company's business objectives and development plan;
  • Original content specific to each product had to be written;
  • A solid visual aligned with UNI Financial Cooperation's brand image had to be designed;
  • A strategy to enrich the website was to be put in place for the coming years.

What we created

A collaboration between our user experience (UX), marketing, copywriting and design specialists allowed us to create a dual-homed website (Individual and Business) to present exclusive content to both target audiences without overloading the interface.

Customized content was written according to a strategy that aimed to focus on the real needs of potential clients and the problems they might encounter. A human, direct and popularized writing. The writing was based on a keyword and marketing strategy and a strong information structure according to UNI Insurance's main conversion vectors.

The visuals reflect UNI Financial Cooperation's clean and structured image. In keeping with the leading brand image, green is the primary color for the Individual section and blue for the Business section.

Objectives accomplished: a new fluid website and new tools for choosing insurance

In addition to the bilingual website, two interactive guides were developed: the Individual Needs Guide and the Business Needs Guide. The two tools in their respective sections let users know when they need what type of insurance. This guides them to the right product pages.

Content optimization and marketing are planned in several phases for the coming years to enrich the site and distribute it effectively through the various networks.

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