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Altitude 3 web development platform

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At Nmédia, our work and passion is to create and integrate custom web & mobile solutions for medium and large-scale businesses across Québec. That is why, at the very beginning back in 2001, that the team began to develop a content management tool that adjusts to the needs of medium and large-sized company owners: the Altitude platform.



The team aimed to create a faster & safer management platform than those already on the market. Some actions had to be automated on the platform, but also be flexible enough to enable us to create unique solutions for our clients. In other words, they developed a platform that would give clients the freedom to create, change and add content as they wished, with or without extensive computer skills.


We created the Altitude 3 platform that enables medium and large-sized company owners to manage their content, e-commerce (inventory and orders), mass mailing, marketing strategy, Web optimization and much more. To get there, we undertook many tests (resource sharing, quality of processes, latency control, availability, etc.) and we evaluated the tools already on the market. Altitude 3 had to correct all shortcomings and adapt to various scenarios (e-commerce, template creation, mass mailing, etc.).

Altitude 3 is an innovation: impressive email tracking, great range of distinctive functionalities (extranet, inventory, forms, etc.), a unique optimization tool for search engines (SEO) and much more. Even better, it's just getting started: The platform is still being developed as many specialists are dedicated to it every day.


Technology used

Other development platforms let about 80% of known and active attacks pass through, versus almost none with Altitude 3 and the combined knowledge of our team. Updates of other tools are also long and difficult. With Altitude, nothing could be easier: The platform does everything alone.

To use Altitude as a client, basic technology is enough:

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Javascript, JQuery, Knockout & RequireJs

To host Altitude 3, with Nmédia or on your server, you need the following technology:

  • SQL Server 2014
  • .Net 4.6, ASP.Net MVC
  • Internet Information Services 8.5

When you choose Nmédia as your host, you also benefit from this technology:

  • Application request routing 3.0
  • Load-balancer
  • Clustering server
  • Hyper-V 2

Altitude is compatible with:

  • The cloud
  • Acomba
  • Microsoft dynamics (AX & CRM)
  • Saml
  • And many other technologies (Adobe INdesign, RestAPI, etc.)


  • Increased company growth
  • Significant gains in productivity
  • Optimistic projections reached in 2 years instead of 5 years
  • Major R&D involvement in order to respond to the real needs of small medium entreprises
  • Unlimited development capacity
  • E-commerce solutions


Whether your project is Web, mobile or software oriented, Nmédia will offer you complete and customised business solutions.
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