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525 $ en 15 min pour la Tablée populaire de Drummondville : un tour de force signé Followmybid!

$525 in 15 min for the Tablée populaire de Drummondville: a feat pulled off by Nmédia!

February 3, 2020By Kassandre Bastarache

Forget papers, pencils and planning processes going on for several hours! The auction world has entered the digital era and Followmybid is called to be a quality player!

Benefits of an online auction

Auctions hosted on Web platforms (like Followmybid) allow to bid online and to keep track, in real time, of the bets placed during the event. Those auctions, among other things, simplify the following processes:

  • Organizing the event
  • Betting on lots
  • Accounting the funds raised
  • Identifying the winners
  • Contacting the winners

Encan en ligne Followmybid

Followmybid: the genesis of a successful project

In 2012, the Gervais-Talbot Foundation approached Nmédia for a sponsorship. We could have opted for the traditional way of doing, which is to make a donation. Nevertheless, 2 things motivated us to go further:

  • Our willingness to help the foundation to raise more money
  • Our willingness to build on our technical experience by contributing to the digital turn of the auction world and by improving the general experience of a fundraising

Eager to offer a product that meets user needs in the most optimal way, Nmédia decided to create the interactive platform  Followmybid.

Fully designed, developed and marketed by our team, the online auction platform allows, by its simplicity and accessibility, to raise more money for your organization and to offer a unique experience to all of the participants!

And those benefits aren't the only ones. Followmybid is reliable, safe and easy to manage, without mentioning that:

  • The payment of the lots is made online
  • The registration for the event is assumed by the participant (you no longer need intermediates)
  • The lots are displayed in real time on your cellphone or your tablet, but also on a giant screen set up especially for the event
  • In case of a problem or a question, the communication with the organization is quick and simple
  • The platform is customizable with the colours of your company or foundation, offering your participants a unique and memorable experience!

Écran géant pour levée de fonds, Followmybid

A platform that proved itself

Our platform works! The proof? The numerous funding activities it has already been associated to:

You want to see our other successful events? It's right here!

Encan pour soirée bénéfice, Tigres de Victoriaville et Followmybid Encan pour levée de fonds, Tigres de Victoriaville et Followmybid

A constantly evolving online auction

Through the years, multiple improvements and developments have been made on Followmybid (including a whole redesign in 2013). It's only natural: after all, Sydney Crosby didn't become Sid the Kid the first moment he hit the ice!

Since ongoing improvement is important for us, we built on our Web skills (which are also in an ongoing improvement process) to create a platform even more complete and accessible!

Followmybid, plateforme d'encan en ligne en constante évolution

Pizza and fundraising: an in-house test acclaimed by our team!

To close out the year of 2019 on a perfect note, Nmédia organized an in-house test. The purpose of this test? Allowing the entire team to get familiar with the online auction platform Followmybid and to test it in order to identify the potential flaws that could have emerged with the previous modifications.

In the form of a pizza lunch (because let's be honest: nothing stirs up the Nmédia crowd like free pizza), everybody was invited to learn about the platform's genesis and development and to test it for 15 minutes thanks to an auction especially planned for the event.

There were real lots (for those who wanted to fully live the experience) and fake lots (for those who preferred to have fun with the platform without spending a dime).

Démonstration de la plateforme d'encan en ligne Followmybib Plateforme interactive pour encan virtuel Followmybid

Among the lots, we had alcohol bottles coming from local distilleries (thereby allowing us to support local producers):

  • Saint-Crème (Mariana distillery)
  • Vodka Menaud
  • Avril Amaretto (Mariana distillery)
  • Spiced Rum Morbleu
  • Gin Vieux St-Laurent
  • Gin Supersonic (Du Quai distillery)

Bouteilles de distilleries, lots mis aux enchères pour tester la plateforme Followmybid

And for those who are more a "my-body-is-a-temple" type of people:

  • A 3-month subscription to CrossFit Drummond Soprema (generously offered by Pierre-Luc Turcotte, Nmédian and co-owner of the sports centre)!

$525 for the Tablée populaire foundation

Finally, as we don't do things by half at Nmédia, we told ourselves: "Why not combine business with pleasure and test the platform while helping a real cause?"

All the funds raised during the in-house test thus went to the Tablée populaire foundation, an organism that helps underprivileged people around the Drummondville area.

$525 in 15 minutes... admit it: It's not bad at all!

You too want to organize a memorable activity and raise more funds for your foundation? One word: Followmybid!

Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the other projects we recently achieved (and those on which we're still working right now!)