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A concrete example of what Nmédia can do for you

May 9, 2017By Véronique Laforest

What is the point of having a digital ally such as Nmédia? Beyond the well-known website overhauls and our thematic happy hours, we do a lot of things at Nmédia! To show you what kind of support we can offer, let's take Simplex Equipment Rental, with whom we have been working for 5 years now and who is celebrating their 110th business anniversary this year!

Digital management - from A to Z

Facebook, LinkedIn, SEO, AdWords and Search campaigns, remarketing, website, editing of articles targeted for businesses and individuals, content enhancement, Analytics optimisation, newsletters, contests... The list is long with Simplex!

It all started in 2012, when Simplex's website was transferred from their previous provider to Nmédia. At the time it was not an overhaul, although the transfer was still hard work! We did a complete redesign of the Simplex Equipment Rental website in 2014, along with an all new brand image. With so many categories and tools, we needed the services of our ergonomist as much as those of our graphic designers, project manager and every other skilled professional on our team.

Simplex's strategy was entirely revisited. The company now has a modern brand image that is trendy, young and dynamic. A bit like us! Both our marketing teams are working closely together, especially now for the upcoming 110th anniversary event. We are preparing great surprises for you!

Social media: greater visibility

Before meeting us, Simplex was not active on social media, but they had been thinking about it for a long time in-house. With a social media strategy customized for the business and its long-term goals, we developed an organized publications schedule and gathered a community nearing 6000 followers on Facebook. Each week, we plan the publications and manage all the social media activity.

The most popular: Facebook and website contests

We hold about one each season, and this concept works well to acquire new members. A newsletter is also sent each month and the subscribers get a 15% rental discount. Those are the kind of ideas we have here at Nmédia and that can generate an interesting profit.

A blog for individuals and contractors

Three times a week, we publish articles on subjects related to renovation, how to choose the right tool, construction and any other subject relevant to Simplex customers. The writing department takes care of the information research, the interviews with Simplex specialists or other experts, the web copy writing and the proofreading.

Targeted advertising

In contrast with newspaper advertising, which is costly and doesn't target a specific audience, web advertising offers efficient results and is can target specific groups of people.

We can also prepare seasonal advertising, or even announce special events, such as Simplex's 110th anniversary in this fun infographic (French only). With the help of our performance reports, we are able to measure how these campaigns attract attention and issue recommendations for future marketing action.

An editable website using Altitude 3

Using our Altitude 3 platform, Simplex can now edit their website themselves, an option they did not have on their previous platform. They had to send their requests and wait for the platform manager to apply the changes. Altitude 3 allows them to add tools, correct errors and manage their content if they want to.

They have also taken the lead to create an intranet where employees can index modifications to make on the website. All these tasks are now centralized under the Simplex Marketing Manager. So much more convenient!

What we can do to help you

During the last 5 years with Simplex, we have guided the client and oriented our strategies to grow with their evolving needs. Your business can also benefit from these services! In addition to all the services mentioned throughout this article, we can also...

So, if you need advice or a brand new appealing website, contact us. We love being challenged!