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Développement d'un outil de migration des données Dynamics 365

Automate your configuration data migration with Dynamics 365 Data Migration Tool

February 3, 2020By Kassandre Bastarache

A creation by Nmédia

A successful project is a project based on your client needs. And to do so, your customer relationship management tool (CRM) is one of your best allies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a very interesting CRM solution... with a few exceptions. It is thus to optimize the CRM team's working procedures (and the working procedures of a whole community of programmers) that Laurent Maneville, Nmédian, created a tool that allows you to automate the migration of your configuration data between the Dynamics 365 environments.

Our CRM team wants to go further

The problem is this: Once we configured the customizable features of the CRM, they need to be deployed in production mode. Yet, this deployment is often done manually (as it is the case with the Microsoft Configuration Migration tool), increasing the risk of errors related to the information transfer.

Eager to push the boundaries of productivity and to reduce the risks related to manual operations, our programmer analyst asked himself: what can we do to efficiently meet the client needs while optimizing our working processes?

Programmeur au travail, Nmédia

A tool created to simplify and optimize the data migration into Dynamics 365

Laurent developed a plug-in that we add to the software development tools already offered on Azure DevOps. The Dynamics 365 Data Migration Tool allows you to improve your ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) processes by simplifying the import and export of your configuration data between your Dynamics 365 environments.

Dynamics 365 Data Export

You can export your configuration data from a Dynamics environment with a single action, while keeping track of all the changes made.

Dynamics 365 Data Import

You can import your configuration data into a new Dynamics environment, also with a single action. And the best of it? All this process is automated, reducing the risks related to a manual migration.

Migrer automatiquement les données entre les environnements Dynamics 365

Improve. Simplify. Optimize. Control.

Dynamics 365 Data Migration Tool offers several advantages. Among other things, it allows you to:

  • Improve your ALM processes;
  • Simplify your data transfer (and simplify the work of all the programming team);
  • Reduce the risk of errors related to the data transfer (to which a manual transfer exposes you more);
  • Control and keep track of the data deployment within the Dynamics 365 environments;
  • Keep a history (in the management software) of the configuration data's GIT versions in order to keep track of all the changes made.

Outil pour migrer automatiquement les données dans Dynamics 365

The importance to give back to the community

Armed with these advantages, the Dynamics 365 Data Migration Tool can support and simplify the customer relationship management, optimizing the work accomplished within your business.

But as far as Laurent is concerned, the creation of the tool wasn't just about that. It was also about giving back to the community that offered him so much (and that has offered so much to a lot of programmers).

We profit a lot from the open source world, but we rarely have the opportunity to give back. This is why I'm glad to play a part in it with this tool and to offer the latter to those who wish to use it!

Laurent emphasizes the importance of such an exchange-based trade: the free tools created and offered by programmers help others to optimize their work and to improve their processes. It is thus important to be sensitive to that kind of generosity and to join it when it's possible.

And that's also why the Dynamics 365 Data Migration Tool was created!

Avantages de l'outil de migration des données sur Azure DevOps Server

Our CRM team: certified to better support you

Here at Nmédia, we have a CRM team including certified Microsoft Silver Cloud CRM experts.

  • You want a CRM that fits your business needs?
  • You don't have a tool that efficiently migrate your configuration data between your working environments?
  • The tool you're currently using needs to be launched manually, increasing the work time and the risk of errors related to the information transfer?
  • The tool you're currently using is efficient, but too complicated for you?

Whatever the situation, our team will customize your CRM in order for it to meet your needs, while supporting you at each step of the process.

And the best of it? Our expertise does not end there! Take a look at our full range of web services to find the ones that fit your projects!