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Employer brand and Christmas: a perfect match!

December 13, 2019By Josiane Picher

The expression "employer brand" is more and more used. But what is it exactly? The employer brand is a happy blend of human resources and marketing. Our employer brand is created based on the actions we take in favour of our employees' well-being. The company must stand out from the competition and be attractive to the pool of candidates.

The employer brand must reflect the reality, so no false promises! A bad reputation has a huge impact on the quality of the applications received.

To stand out from the competition

In a context of occupational shortage when it's more and more difficult for businesses to keep their employees, companies compete to attract, motivate and keep talented people. You have to identify what makes you unique and rely on this uniqueness to attract interesting candidates.

That's why the employer brand is so important. It's not about convincing ourselves of the importance of the employer brand anymore. It's about asking ourselves: what can I do, concretely?

Take advantage of the holidays to thank your employees

As an employer, the holiday season is the perfect time to make your qualities shine. During this time of the year, we often think to thank our clients and give them a special thought... but what about the employees?

A company makes the most of its year to satisfy its clients and meet their needs, but this would have been impossible without its employees. They are as much important as the clients and it's time to show them.

A Christmas dinner, a personal note, a breakfast at the office: all ideas are good to show them how much their work is appreciated. You could also do like Logistik Unicorp and offer gifts to your employees' kids (gifts that would be distributed by Santa Claus himself or, should we say, by the CEO of the company dressed as Santa Claus)!

Here are other interesting ideas:

  • Organizing a special day to enjoy the holidays with your employees and their families
  • Organizing thematic days, like coming to work with a tuque
  • Gather your employees around a good cause and collect nonperishables
  • Offering customized Christmas cards
  • Organizing a gift exchange
  • Building gingerbread houses
  • Participating to a Christmas escape game

There are tons of activities possible. You just have to choose the one that fits your work team the best! Also, make sure a photographer or videographer is there to immortalize all those moments!

Your employees are the best ambassadors you could get

If your employees are happy at work, they will tell their family and friends (and the opposite is also true). It's thus in your benefit to take actions in favour of their well-being. You know the saying that no matter how you're talking about something (either well or badly), the important is precisely that you are talking about it? Well, this saying doesn't apply when it comes to the employer brand.

Spreading the holiday spirit on your social media

Your office has Christmas decorations? On December 20, your company will take part in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? Your Christmas party was memorable?

Use the photos and videos took during these activities and show them off on your social media! If you have a blog, you could also write an article on what's going on in your office during the holiday season.

Personally, that's what we did: we created a website dedicated to our employer brand. The candidates that could be interested in working at your company will go through your website and your social media before applying.

Seeing what you do for your employees and the atmosphere prevailing in your office will certainly make a difference on whether they are going to apply or not for the position you've been trying to fill for months. You also have to keep in mind that on this website, you're speaking to future employees (and not to your current clients). Therefore, the tone and approach won't be the same.

All the actions you take in favour of your employees reflect the values of your company. Furthermore, your clients will certainly like to know that your values fit their own. It will contribute strengthening your existing relationship with them.

The watchword

Keep this in mind: identify what makes you unique, take actions that reflect your company's personality and show these actions off! Why don't you start right now? After all, we're right in the middle of the holiday season!

If you don't know where to start for your employer brand, contact us and we'll plan a strategy with you!

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