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3 choix d'images, du pire au meilleurComment faire une sélection éclairée d’images stock

How to choose the right stock images

October 4, 2017By Antoine Prince

In a perfect world, you would not need photos from an image bank. You would probably have a gifted photographer working for your company or then again, the means to hire a professional photographer for your photographic needs. But since reality is not always a fairy tale, you probably do need stock images from time to time.

The good news is that here are many highly talented photographers who spend their time filling image banks. But there is a hitch! There are still many low-quality images out there. Here are a few tips when choosing stock photos.

Choose professional, yet natural looking image

Choose images that reflect a realistic situation for your work environment. Avoid images that ooze fakeness. Lower the number of people shown in the image. Your corporate image will breathe easier and will put the emphasis on the subject’s action.

Look for images where the subject is not looking directly at the camera and choose a shot that is taken in the heat of the action. In the goal of always choosing natural-looking photos, choose a model that doesn’t look like Ken or Barbie. This will offer your business greater credibility.

3 choices of images, from the worst to the best

Take the time to search thoroughly

Perhaps you will fall upon the perfect image on the first search page. Put it aside and continue looking. You are probably not the first one to find it. Try to find a potentially rare pearl!

Choose natural colour images

It will be easier to harmonize your images if you use images that have not had the tint and colouration modified. #NoFilter

Choose images that complement each other

If you need to fill your website with images and you don’t have access to actual company photos, try to find a series of images with a similar style that will give an impression of unity. Too many images in different styles lower the credibility of your brand image.

If it is truly impossible to find similar images, using filters to harmonize the colours of your images could be another solution for you.

Important end note: you

This is your website, so it’s important to ensure that your selection of images suits you and represents your company’s values. Because images all have approximately the same market value, it is sometimes worth it to invest a little more time to find images that will have a longer life cycle.

If you believe it may be worth your while to hire a photographer, but you are still unsure, Marilyne’s article Stock photo ou photographie personnalisée : que choisir pour son site? (French only) may just convince you!

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