February 9, 2024
February 9, 2024

Virtual agents have been present in our digital spaces for many years, being used as support technology for users. With the rise of so-called generative artificial intelligence (AI), virtual agents are now capable of greater diversity when creating content or generating relevant responses. Now, more than ever, it’s possible to simplify the user experience further. Here’s a brief overview of the changes that artificial intelligence can bring to your digital transformation.

Artificial intelligence, a technology at the service of the user

Intelligent virtual agents differ from conventional virtual agents in using AI to understand user requests and questions better. Automated responses triggered by keywords are no longer transmitted; answers are generated to respond precisely to queries.

The applications of virtual agents are numerous and just as varied as the situations they face. A virtual agent can provide some customer service, offer assistance or act as a guide across a platform or site. One of the most widely used applications is the chatbot, or conversational agent, which uses natural language processing, machine learning and language models to process data and provide tailored responses.

Microsoft’s vision is one of the most comprehensive and diverse AI solutions available on the market. Launched in February 2023, Microsoft Copilot is now present throughout the Microsoft ecosystem, covering many aspects of a business, from coding to security to marketing. Nevertheless, the idea of an intelligent virtual agent remains at the heart of the Copilot universe, using the Azure OpenAI Service module and OpenAI models such as GPT-4.

The user experience simplified by Copilot

With the power of artificial intelligence and tools like Copilot, the user experience can be significantly enhanced by using an intelligent virtual agent. With the help of AI, users can perform complex tasks without having to learn and master new interfaces.

Virtual agents represent a perfect alternative for providing assistance, customer relations services and generating intelligent responses, which can even be coupled with automated actions from other Power Platform tools. With the rise of artificial intelligence fuelled by Azure AI, Copilot (formerly Power Virtual Agents) can be the sought-after alternative for integrating such services into your structure. Specific recurring and time-consuming tasks can be delegated to virtual agents, saving money while offering new services to users.

Intelligent virtual agents continue to improve themselves and learn as they interact with the user. The user will improve efficiency by feeding the AI with relevant information and data.

Another undeniable advantage is that using a virtual agent will enable personalization of the experience for the user through a humanized conversation thanks to constructed and adapted responses to queries submitted. This personalization is also supported by round-the-clock availability and near-instantaneous response.

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