February 2, 2024
February 2, 2024

When a company wants to accelerate its digital transformation by focusing on tool innovation, some obstacles can quickly get in the way. High development costs and times, increasing tool obsolescence, technological barriers… The reasons can be numerous and just as varied. And yet, in the face of these more than legitimate problems, many solutions are available, sometimes even at reduced cost.

To keep pace with the demands of business, the giants of the IT sector continue to innovate, offering companies functional tools designed to their needs. Of all these alternatives, Microsoft’s Power Platform is the one that can have a real impact on the life of your business. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

A myriad of tools adapted to every business needs

Microsoft Power Platform is, first and foremost, a platform that offers several applications, each of which can, in its way, contribute to improving your company’s productivity while not skimping on innovation.

Thanks to the flexibility and interconnectivity of Power Platform applications, an organization’s needs, whether for marketing, customer relations or internal operations, can be quickly met by a low‑cost solution.

As an essential step in the digital transformation of any business, task digitization and process automation can be implemented rapidly with Power Automate, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Every company needs a showcase to make itself known, whatever its objectives and form. While a presence on social networks has become a good way of ensuring an online presence, an attractive, functional website remains a sure‑fire, if not sine qua non, to success. With the solution offered by Power Pages, it’s easy to integrate complementary functionalities, such as landing pages, administrative pages, and so on, into an existing website.

Over the past few decades, applications have become essential to our daily lives. Business applications have also become important in a company’s digital transition. Whether for employee applications or more complex data‑gathering applications, Power Apps remains an effective solution for rapidly building applications tailored to your needs.

Regarding data visualization, Power BI remains the solution for analysis and decision‑making, regardless of the source or form of your data.

Virtual agents are also an excellent alternative for providing support services, customer relations and generating intelligent responses. They can even be coupled with automated actions from other Power Platform tools. With the rise of artificial intelligence powered by Power Azure AI, Copilot (formerly Power Virtual Agents) is the alternative you’re looking for to integrate such services into your structure.

When low‑code rhymes with productivity

As we’ve seen, each tool and solution provided by the Power Platform, in its way, brings its set of benefits, but all operate with the same promise and spirit: to save you development time and money. All this without skimping on your productivity and efficiency.

If this cost reduction is possible (and according to a Microsoft study for 2021, it could be as much as 24%), it’s thanks to the low‑code mentality of the Power Platform tools. By promoting highly visual, standardized solutions, far removed from the usual lines of code and highly intuitive “drag‑and‑drop,” this approach to development cuts costs and time and enables the rapid reaction to constant changes in business and innovation. With low‑code, the “citizen developer” is becoming a reality.

This increased adaptability is a significant advantage for certain constantly evolving companies. Updating your working environment over the years with this standardized solution is easier without risking “technological stagnation”. And the risk of technological churn is also reduced since the Power Platform business solutions can be developed in parallel with existing enterprise tools.

Trust us to integrate your Power Platform business solutions

At Nmédia, we’re true early adopters of the solutions our long‑standing partner Microsoft offers. Our team of Power Platform and Dynamics 365 experts is passionate and continues to innovate every day by closely following the improvements, trends and new features provided by Microsoft and its community. Thanks to the experience accumulated by our team of specialists over many years, we believe we have a global vision of all the solutions and possibilities offered by the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 for your business. We’re there daily to support you in all your projects, whether from scratch or along the way, bringing our expertise to bear on improving your processes. All your ideas can become a reality in the hands of our Power Platform and Dynamics 365 experts.

Our approach is to accompany you, step by step, in developing a digital ecosystem tailored to your needs while reducing costs to deliver a solution quickly.

Consult our service offer today.

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