Pricing platform for recreational vehicle insurance policies

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Aviva is an insurance brokerage company specializing among others in home, business, automobile, motorcycle, recreational vehicles (RV) and snowmobile protection.

The company was looking to offer their brokers a simple, online quote tool that was free from errors. Nmédia created a mobile application that considerably reduced the production time needed for quotes and is easily accessible to all Aviva brokers, regardless of their home country.



In order to respect Aviva’s high quality standards, Nmédia had to create a pricing application for RV insurance policies that would help all brokers in different countries efficiently. With a zero margin for error, the quote tool needed to simplify the business processes already in place.

Our greatest challenges

  • Simplify the existing business process by implanting an online tool for brokers allowing them to obtain quotes for recreational products 
  • Work with a zero error margin because of legal impact that would have ensued
  • Undertake a potential lot of 25,000 brokers for possible use across Canada and by all Aviva brokerage agencies in various countries 
  • Adapt to vigorous processes to meet Aviva’s high standards of excellence


By combining various technologies from the Microsoft line with Nmédia’s ergonomic and Web application design expertise, we built a solid application allowing for company expansion in other countries.


Technology used

Nmédia began with the knowledge gained from and the structure created with VR-Tarif in order to build Leisure Quote. Based on a client-guided agile work method and SOA software architecture, the evolution of the Leisure Quote platform highlights various Microsoft technologies: Microsoft .Net 4.5, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 and server virtualization via Microsoft Hyper-V.

In concrete terms, the Web presentation layer was based on a combination of ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and Ajax. These asynchronous interactions with the server are generated by WCF service calls with JSON as protocol to improve response times. The ergonomic and Web application design expertise from Nmédia guaranteed an optimal user experience.

Leisure Quote was designed on a solid foundation to be able to support potential expansion across the country so all 25,000 brokers can use the platform.

Support technological infrastructure and system access

Access to persistence sources is made with SOA segmentation. All this is based on the robust, versatility of Nmédia’s architecture, Nms.Core, which uses Entity Framework, LINQ and Unity’s Dependency Injection to offer modular services via WCF.


The « Single Sign-On » process between Aviva Avantage, the front door for the entirety of Aviva and Leisure Quote applications, simplifies quote creation and management. Thus, the broker only has to login once to navigate the entire system.

Nmédia developed a policy upload function that allows for the transfer of policies sold in Leisure Quote to the central Aviva system where brokers’ entire insurance portfolios are stored. Previously, brokers had to manually enter the policies into the system. These processes required an enormous amount of time and the risk of error was high. Today, this transfer is completely automated with just one click.

The quote generator, Express Quote, presently available only for cottage quotes, allows users to obtain, in only 2 minutes, a reasonable estimate that can then be turned into a real quote if the client is interested in continuing the process.


  • Less than 5 minutes to issue a quote instead of 30 minutes to 24 hours
  • 2 minutes to get an express quote
  • Instant creation of new projects compared to 20 day-long previously 
  • 9x less time required to train brokers with the new platform
  • Fewer errors due to human data entry mistakes
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