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Cisolift is a new and certified pre-owned aerial lift equipment dealer with a wide range of products available exclusively in Quebec and Ontario. The company also offers its own line of Cisolift brand equipment. Additionally, a repair service is available at its workshop and directly on worksites. It also has a wide range of parts and offers training on all types of lifting equipment it sells: scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers. Cisolift also sells several models of trailers designed to move its customers' aerial lift equipment. As IT experts, we were very proud to help this expert aerial equipment reach the top!

A website redesign to reach new business objectives

One of Cisolift's main requests for its new website was to revamp its image to be perceived as the very best, the Mercedes-Benz of lifting equipment, by positioning itself as a high-end company with high-quality standards. Cisolift also wanted to highlight its wide inventory of aerial lift equipment, the characteristics of its products and its expertise. We entrusted the mandate mainly to our UX, marketing, design, copywriting and programming experts to achieve these goals. They worked on:

  • Restructuring information and navigation
  • Stylish, high-end design to support the branding
  • SEO optimized writing of all content
  • Programming of a showcase website presenting the complete inventory

A new information structure and a renewed navigation based on equipment type

Since Cisolift wanted to focus on its vast inventory, our UX and marketing strategists redesigned the website's tree structure entirely and reviewed the information structure required on all pages.

Our team has therefore chosen to present all aerial lifting equipment by type, condition (new or certified pre-owned) and brand in an easy-to-consult menu thanks to its large size. The addition of an advanced search function and filters to sort equipment according to different characteristics has also allowed the user to find the equipment that best suits his daily needs more quickly and easily.

An original and high-end design adapted to the branding of an expert in aerial lift equipment

For the redesign, Cisolift wanted a stylish website that would stand out from the competition. That's exactly what our graphic designers were able to create with the following:

  • Visual atmosphere
  • Colours used
  • Element layouts
  • Behaviours and interactions across the website
  • Dynamic display when scrolling pages and clicking on buttons and calls to action

Our graphic designers also strategically retook the logo's diagonal lines on certain distinctive visual elements to reinforce the branding. They also highlighted the complete equipment inventory by opting for photos:

  • Without a background in specific areas
  • Of equipment in action and real environments on the product sheets
  • Of large size on the homepage and service pages

A complete SEO copywriting to better position the pages in search engines

Cisolift wanted a visually stunning website to match its image as a high-end leader in the lifting equipment industry and a website where the content would strengthen its market and search engine positioning.

By entrusting the writing of all website content to our team, Cisolift has obtained hundreds of pages highlighting its expertise, services, complete and detailed inventory (including the benefits and characteristics of various equipment and brand offered). Everything in French and English to reach all markets nationwide.

Moreover, our web editors have written several blog articles related to the aerial lift equipment field to reinforce Cisolift's leader and expert status in the industry. These articles have even been appreciated by several lifting equipment manufacturers for whom Cisolift is the distributor.

The programming of a large-scale showcase website

Finally, our developers and programmers put together all the UX, marketing, design and editorial elements to configure a unique website where the user can consult the complete equipment inventory and learn more about Cisolift's expertise and services.

Quick impressive statistics

Six months after the new website launch, practically all performance indicators showed a remarkable increase. Among others, increases in the:

Number of users visiting the website
21,826 vs 11,285
Number of new users on the website
21,527 vs 10,670
Number of sessions
40,015 vs 15,644
Number of sessions/users
1.83 vs 1.39
Number of page views
78,430 vs 37,310
Time spent on a page
1 min 14 s vs 1 min 4 s
Number of phone calls
226 vs 114
Number of contact forms sent
166 vs 47

In short, the new website has had a significant impact on Cisolift's visibility, notoriety, recognition and sales.

A continuing partnership

Even if the website redesign is complete and performing well, the partnership between Cisolift and us continues with many other projects:

  • Strategic marketing support
  • Advertising campaigns (digital, TV, signage and more)
  • Daily social media management
  • Website optimization

Projects are not lacking, and the future is more than motivating. Take a look at how we work together in the annual support of this major player in the aerial lift equipment industry:

Video in French only

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