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Fédération des Producteurs Forestiers du Québec

Electronic billboard for wood transportation

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The site project is an initiative by the Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec (FPFQ). The FPFQ was started to meet the need for unity and coherence among unions and timber producers. The Federation joins 14 regional timber unions and these members are responsible for marketing wood products for 130,000 Québec forest owners. The FPFQ handles any issues associated with wood commercialization in an effort to improve access to the markets and over better pricing to producers.

The site consists of an electronic bulletin board allowing unions to enter transportation information for timber delivers between producers and handler facilities. The transporters can review these lots and assume responsibility for them with only a few clicks. Each lot is categorized and GPS tagged allowing for searching that meets the transporter’s needs. This project relies heavily on GPS technology because it allows for road searches with variable origin and destination points.

Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec
Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec
Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec
Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec
Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec
Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec


Timber transportation management among forest owners and handling facilities presents enormous logistical challenges. In order to facilitate transportation within the network and reduce transportation distances and travelling without loads, the FPFQ needed a custom application in the form of an electronic bulletin board accessible online and allowing timber transportation information to be published and exchanged.

This board shows all lots to be transported with all necessary information so transporters can determine if they are able to make the delivery or not. In this way, a transportation company can choose the lots that correspond to their criteria and receive the information necessary for planning delivery with the timber producer. Board content is managed entirely by regional union transportation specialists who are responsible for managing all lots and status.


Not only does the application offer efficient integration of maps and GPS technology, but it also allows each participant to use the system independently. The platform also allows for the management of various accounts and roles within the timber marketing chain. The producer can register their lots for sale on the application. The union representative receives a notification for each entry by their associate producers in order to choose the transformation facility offering the best pricing and lock in the destination. The transporter who will be delivering the product from point A to point B is the user who will be consulting the lots on the billboard.

The use of maps is more and more prevalent in Web applications. There are numerous service providers and various ways to design map use. The FPFQ site is innovative in its simplicity and rapid response time. The strategy calculates the distances among existing system locations in advance in order to accelerate the browsing by radius speed. When a lot is chosen, the system calculates various route options in order to offer a more precise estimate of the true distance between the two points. Optimal trajectories can be redefined manually to take truck limitations into account. 


Technology used

  • MVC4 ASP.NET platform
  • C# (Framework .NET 4.5)
  • Microsoft SQL server 2012
  • Google Map API
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • NMS Core
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