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Multiplatform mobile application for online auction management

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For a silent auction, guests usually write their bid on a sheet of paper with their contact information for any auctions that interest them. At the end of the auction, the organizers gather all the sheets, add up all the amounts, identify the winners, contact them to collect their donation and award their prize. This process requires a great deal of management on the part of the auctioneers and complicates these kinds of fundraising activities.

To simplify the management of silent auctions, Nmédia created Followmybid, a mobile application that offers an enjoyable experience for users and administrators and allows for greater fundraising, no matter the cause.



Create an interactive application and multiplatform website allowing an event to raise more money and offer a more enjoyable and entertaining user experience than a traditional silent auction, yet remain simple to use and manage.


We developed a multiplatform website and a reliable, secure mobile application, offering simple user management for auction administrators. Payments are made directly online and users can sign up without going through an administrator. Items and bids are shown in real time for both mobile devices and larger monitors. The application also allows your logo to be uploaded and even partners and sponsors to be showcased. In addition, users can easily contact an administrator or auctioneer via the test message function. Everything is personalized to represent you and to meet your needs.


Technology used

The application highlights various Microsoft technologies: Microsoft .Net 4.5, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012.

In reality, the Web presentation layer was based on a combination of ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Knockout and Ajax. Integrating technology such as SignalR allows for direct updates of data modified by other users, and this without reloading. For the text message function, an external library is used to cover the charges of messages to send. The ergonomic and Web application design expertise available at Nmédia guaranteed an optimal user experience. 

Access to persistence sources is made with SOA segmenting. All this rely on the strength and versatility of Nmédia’s Nms.Core architecture.

Platform hosting

In order to serve a maximum number of cases as efficiently as possible, the application was published in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing system. Azure allows for the construction, deployment and management of applications and services across a worldwide network of data centres managed by Microsoft. With this platform, it is possible to determine the number of active servers necessary to respond to the demand. This is an important aspect of this application because the charge can vary greatly depending on the size of the event related to the silent auction.


  • Application that is easy to use and functions on all types of mobile devices
  • Increase in event participation and rise in participant interest
  • 25 % more benefits than a traditional silent auction
  • Possibility of reviewing statistics in relation to user participation
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