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Sales and performance dashboard

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HumanWare creates assistive technology to encourage the active and independent social participation of people with visual impairments thanks to adaptive, innovative technological solutions. The HumanWare head office is located in Drummondville, and its 5 departments are in Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada.



Nmédia was given the mission to simplify the viewing, sharing and uploading of all HumanWare sales data. Up till then, the team was sharing a heavy Excel file by email, jeopardizing data security and privacy. The file was only updated once a week and the operation was taking about 8 hours to achieve. In short, the risk of human error was high.


We created a sales and performance dashboard: it automatically updates 3 times a day without any human intervention. The dashboard draws information from the 5 HumanWare department databases and it can be viewed in the Power BI tool. Sales reps may continue using Excel files as the data can be extracted simply. The information can then be consulted live from everywhere in the world.

The dashboard is also flexible and interactive: if sales reps want to classify their data, for example, it's easy to do so without using formulas. A HumanWare team member can also easily add figures and change filters. We offered HumanWare employees in-depth training with the tool to allow them to be independent in modifying the dashboard, and we intervene only when necessary.

Technology & tools used

The 5 HumanWare department databases are located on an SQL server. We created an automated process that retrieves and transforms the data (called "data transformation"). Everything is modified in a new database. The goal of this operation is to normalize the information in a more user-friendly state for analysis purposes. Then, Power BI Gateway, a scheduler offered by Microsoft, gathers the normalized data to make an entirely secured copy in the cloud, ready to be displayed in Power BI. Users can then log onto their PCs to consult the dashboard.

Power BI Graphic


  • Daily viewing by more than 30 sales reps.
  • Use of dashboard all over the world among the 5 HumanWare departments (Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada).
  • Comprehensive security of all company sales and performance data.
  • 3 daily automatic updates to Power BI.
  • Continual database updating.
  • 8 hours saved per week in updates and data transfers.
  • Elimination of the risk of human error.
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