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La Capitale

Car insurance quote platform

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La Capitale offers the opportunity to get a quick quote and a detailed quote for car insurance. It also offers various financial services to individuals, businesses and brokers.

The company wanted to streamline its online car insurance quote process to be more competitive in the market and improve his customer experience. The improvement of the mobile version was as the heart of the project.

La Capitale
La Capitale


Nmédia has been given the project to redesign the quote form (desktop and mobile versions) so that users can fill it out more quickly and easily.

The quote form had to be structured around twenty questions to determine a price in real time and needed to require less than 5 minutes to fill.

Our main challenges:

  • Make the quote form simple and easy to use
  • Reduce completion time to less than 5 minutes
  • Consider several progression scenarios
  • Improve the mobile version of the form 
  • Increase the number of completed forms

Elements that needed to be considered:

  • Anticipate customer answers
  • Adjust price in real time and its accuracy percentage
  • Show the form progress
  • Include help tools to support a good customer experience


We worked with our client to assess the number of steps required for the question. We analyzed competition and identified good practices to create the form. Also, we have created several versions of wireframes to determine the ideal order of questions.

User tests allowed us to test the interfaces with the targeted audience and adjust them before producing a final version of the new simplified quote form.

Two series of tests were required from 18 participants to determine the preferred prototype form:

  • 1st series : tests with 3 form scenarios to analyze:
    • Ease to answer questions
    • Perception of the progression logic of the 3 prototypes (A, B, C)
    • Perception of the time and speed to fill in the quote
    • General understanding by users
    • Success of the task
  • 2nd series : tests with 12 participants on mobile and desktop to validate:
    • Ease to answer questions
    • Perception of the length of the quote form
    • General understanding of the offer
    • Understanding of the price and of the $50 promotion


  • Less than 5 minutes to get a price rather than 15 to 20 minutes
  • More than 20% increase in the number of quotes started
  • Significant increase in the number of quotes completed
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