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UNI Insurance

Bilingual website redesign: personal and general insurance

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UNI Insurance is a component of UNI Financial cooperation, a financial institution that supports families and businesses from New Brunswick and other Maritime provinces. The company offers various general and personal insurance protections, whether for individuals or business owners.

UNI Insurance project was to redesign their current website, considering the following aspects:

  • A digital strategy based on the company's business goals and business development plan
  • Original and unique content for each product had to be written
  • A strong visual aligned with UNI Financial cooperation branding was to be designed
  • A enrichment strategy of the website was to be put in place for the coming years

What we created

A collaboration between our UX, marketing, writing and design specialists allowed us to create a website with two homepages (Personal and Business) that allowed us to present exclusive content to the two targeted audiences without overloading the interface.

Fully customized content was written according to a strategy that focused on the real needs of potential customers and the issues they might encounter. Human, direct and accessible writing. The writing was supported by a keyword and marketing strategy and a strong information structure based on UNI Insurance's main conversion vectors.

The visual is reflective of the image of UNI Financial cooperation which is refined and structured. The main branding uses green as the main colour for the Personal section and blue for the Business section.

In addition to the bilingual website, two interactive guides were developed: a guide for personal needs and a guide for business needs. The two tools in their respective sections allow users to know in which situation they need what type of insurance. They are then guided to the right product pages.

A constant work of content optimization and marketing is planned in several phases for the coming years in order to enrich the website and publicized it efficiently through the various networks.

UNI Assurance
UNI Assurance
UNI Assurance
UNI Assurance
UNI Assurance
UNI Assurance
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