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Valet Parking Bob Perras

Standard and mobile web application

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Valet Parking Bob Perras is a Montreal valet parking service operating since 1967 for special events of all kinds, both private and corporate, as well as weddings, banquets and golf tournaments. A team of uniformed valets arrives on site with all the necessary equipment: key boxes, signs and even umbrellas to escort guests. Parking attendants are present to supervise vehicles and prevent vandalism.

Valet Parking Bob Perras
Valet Parking Bob Perras
Valet Parking Bob Perras


The team at Valet Parking Bob Perras desired to centralize information, eliminate paper trails and simplify communication and management with valets during events. The platform created needed to be flexible, reflect the model currently in use and be available at all times, no matter where. Information needed to be quickly accessible and schedules easy to manage.


We developed a standard Web application and mobile app to facilitate event management for Valet Parking. The platform is divided into several sections: work sheets, events, messaging centre and valets. Each section allows total data control as well as flexible and intuitive management such as permitting work or event sheets to be copied for more efficient management.  By using SignalR and API Twilio technologies, we integrated an SMS messaging solution into the application with reception alerts and event reminders. With this function, discussions among valets are centralized and valet invitations are sent with the touch of a button. Indeed, with the mobile version, the business can be managed from anywhere and everywhere at all times.


Technology & tools used

API Twilio
Graphic design
Wire chart design
Form design, structural design

The Valet Parking mobile application offers service-oriented architecture (SOA) and is divided into various sections such as schedule, events, messaging and valets. Each section uses all the same tools and technologies:  C#, SQL Server, JavaScript, SignalR, KnockoutJS, Nms.Core, ASP. NET 4.5.1, Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Server 2014 Management Studio.

The desktop application offers a Web presentation layer based on a combination of ASP.NET 4.5.1 and jQuery. Asynchronous interaction with the server is management by WCF Web services.

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