February 9, 2024
February 9, 2024

A company’s digital transformation can take many forms. Of all the possible transitions, the digitization of operations and the automation of business processes have rapidly become a priority for companies seeking change. Every company has processes and tasks, often repetitive or complex, which could easily be automated to optimize productivity and everyone’s time. Companies can use several software packages to bring about this change, but the most popular and effective is Microsoft Power Automate. Let’s look at this automation tool and why, in our view, it represents the ideal solution for any digital transition.

The benefits of Power Automate

At first glance, Power Automate may appear to be just one of the many software products in the Power Platform suite developed by Microsoft, but it is undoubtedly one of its mainstays. Developed to automate business processes, Power Automate is the ideal tool for optimizing tasks by automating them, thus saving precious time. Designed as an intelligent workflow tool, Power Automate can connect isolated applications and files, enabling them to communicate with each other and simplify repetitive tasks.

While such automation would generally require much more programming time, given the complexity of the task, the low‑code solution makes the job even more accessible. Drag‑and‑drop predefined action blocks to create flows from scratch, intuitively and visually.

An other strength of Power Automate lies in its ability to integrate other applications into the automation process. This is made possible by more than 1,000 integrated connectors with the Microsoft ecosystem, such as integrating with Dynamics 365 CRM or other external tools from any source.

While automation with Power Automate already represents a significant advance in process optimization, companies can also couple other Power Platform solutions for even greater efficiency. By generating tasks in a Power Apps application, enabling visualization with Power BI, or even integrating a virtual agent into the automation process with Copilot (formerly Power Virtual Agents).

Naturally, this automation of processes also generates substantial data flows. Fortunately, data management is simplified by centralization in the Microsoft Dataverse ecosystem. Thanks to security protocols that comply with the most stringent security and compliance standards, all data is also guaranteed to benefit from advanced encryption and complete access control.

Whatever your processes, automation is possible

There are many examples of how Power Automate can be applied to a company’s processes, and they are just as varied as the situations in which they can be implemented. But here are just a few examples of how Power Automate can be used to automate your processes:

  • By intelligently configuring your workflows following an analysis of your processes, Power Automate is then able, when a task is completed, to activate a trigger to notify or generate other actions without any further intervention.
  • Using Power Automate, you can automate administrative tasks such as human resources management, for example, welcoming and integrating new employees or simplifying vacation requests.
  • Sending and receiving e‑mails can also be automated. For example, when an employee completes a task via an application, sending reports or summary e‑mails can be automated for a customer or manager. Another common example of automation in companies is the automatic saving of an attachment in a SharePoint file so that you never lose sight of any documents.
  • This automation can also benefit the sales sector. By coupling Power Automate with a Dynamics 365 CRM, a summary of opportunities over a given period can be quickly forwarded to the relevant people to help them visualize what’s next.
  • Combining Power Automate with the possibilities offered by Copilot makes it possible to automate actions in response to user requests in a conversation with a chatbot.

Trust us to integrate your Power Platform business solutions

At Nmédia, we’re true early adopters of the solutions our long‑standing partner Microsoft offers. Our team of Power Platform and Dynamics 365 experts is passionate and continues to innovate every day by closely following the improvements, trends and new features provided by Microsoft and its community. Thanks to the experience accumulated by our team of specialists over many years, we believe we have a global vision of all the solutions and possibilities offered by the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 for your business. We’re there daily to support you in all your projects, whether from scratch or along the way, bringing our expertise to bear on improving your processes. All your ideas can become a reality in the hands of our Power Platform and Dynamics 365 experts.

Our approach is to accompany you, step by step, in developing a digital ecosystem tailored to your needs while reducing costs to deliver a solution quickly.

Consult our service offer today.

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